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Crime Scene Do Not Cross


Only a couple of days left until we do our first gig in a long time. We're thrilled, and we're definitely going to rock hard. The gig is at Skäggetorpsgården, Linköping, 19.00. We get on stage as the last band. Be there, or be square!

If you haven't noticed, there are some pics of us posing as the cool heavy metal band we are. Hopefully there will soon be some more pics for you to lay your eyes on.

Buried Alive has been downloaded more than 100 times now, and the counter increases daily. If you want to get your hands on a CD with the four tracks and the kick ass cover, don't hesitate to contact us, at

Victor Stodell


After waiting a long, long time we finally have some new gigs in our schedule. They are all located in the area around Linköping since they are a part of rockkarusellen. For more info visit

There is no entrance fee to these gigs, so just get your butt there and rock out to the new sound of Scaperoot. It will be great, we promise! Our new demo, "Think Happy Thoughts", will be available for purchasing at all venues.

See you there!

Henric Stodell

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